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During a presentation “The Tasting of Beer “ is explained. The theory is off course extensively tested. Between the tasting of different beers, I explain you a bit more about the beer world. The emphasis on these interactive tastings is on tasting beer ! The complementary character of beer and food is one of my favourite topics. During specialised tastings or during a multi course diner, beers are combined with products, cheese, small delicacies or complete dishes. In this manner I want to show that beer and food can top up each other perfectly and even reinforce the experience !
By constantly expanding my contacts in the beer world and throughout my experience as a beersommelier I can advise you in all your beer choices. This can result in a specialised beer menu or combining beers in a specific menu.

During a (half) day out we take a trip in a piece of the beer landscape. I can take you alongside special breweries and idyllic bars in Flanders or North of France. This can be combined with interesting surroundings or historical places, for example around World War one.

beer cruise

brewing beer

custom beer


During a lovely cruise in the polders between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide you will discover the elegances of beer tastings. Off course this will be accompanied with a fitting menu, inclusive with beer cooked dishes.
This cruise is organised in collaboration with the Seastar shipping company.

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The secret of hobby brewing gets explained during a workshop of several days. In this manner all facets of the production process are discovered, from the brewing kettle into your glass ! Everything can be combined with beer ! Your specific wishes can be processed into an activity around beer. Beer can add great value to your reception, fair or event.  

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