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About Kurt


My name is Kurt Gunst and I’m passionate about beer. It all started in my youth. During my student time it was all about drinking lagerbeer. While age progressed my interests kept growing in our fantastic Belgian speciality beers, quantity is not my main purpose anymore, but quality is !

After an intensive study of two years at Syntra West I was very proud to call myself one of the first officially recognised “Zythologen” – Beersommeliers. Since then I carry out my passion towards other people at a very varied manner. Presentations about different aspects of beer are combined with beer dinners, beer trips as even real cruises (for more info see projects)
The essence of all projects is - learning how - to taste beer !

Beside my own activities as zytholoog, I keep off course short track of the trends and evolutions in the beer world.

I hope I can make a lot of you passionate about our Belgian heritage !

Kind regards,
Kurt Gunst



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